2k2 February 20 - 11:18 PM HST
Tropical monkeys run amuck [amok?] on Cleopatragb's diary. Check it out!

Work has been ho-hum, so-so the past few days. A lot of clerical work but not much entertainment even in the people-watching. The weather here has gone from pre-Spring to mid-Winter again. Feda and I were woken up by crackling thunder and blinding lightning this morning around 4am. Oddly, we didn't experience the strong gusts that my family in Hilo woke up to at the same time. So today was quite grey and mopey - a hot chocolate and good book kinda day. We kept the AC unit off at work this afternoon and the temperature didn't climb past 75F.

I need to get my ass in gear and finish doing my taxes. I got most of it done about two weeks ago but the pile of forms has been sitting and waiting since. It's not like I can't use the money from my return. For some odd reason I don't want to think about spending my _entire_ return responsibly. I'd prefer to take the whole deal and take another trip to the mainland with Feda. A cross-country drive over the summer - go WAAAAY past Colorado and head to DC. Damn the IRS for crushing my 2k2 travel dreams!

I need some milk and cookies. =[