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2k2 February 21 - 9:25 PM HST
Feda: "Thank god Fox is cancelling "Futurama" to pave the way for "Glutton Bowl."

The housemates and I ended up watching "The Glutton Bowl" on FOX tonight. Yes, instead of watching the Winter Olympics we chose to watch a bunch of men eat a tonnage of cow tongue, boiled eggs, mayonnaise (yes, the condiment), cow testicles, cow brain, hot dogs and sushi, though not at the same time. The winner turned out to be Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayashi, a skinny, surfer-type who just happens to hold the Guiness World Record for Hot Dog eating. Takeru ate 53 cow brains in the finals - his nearest opponent ate a mere 20. WOW. Hurray for Takeru!

Yep, we truly are into mindless entertainment here on Mikana Street. Hell, we crossed our fingers that the 'glutton cam' would reveal a contestant spewing forth the remaining piece of delicacy...just like we almost watched that Canadian hurl his steer balls.

We proposed new "Glutton Bowl" food challenges:

• peel 'n eat shrimp (51-60 size)
• 7-layer Jell-o
• peanut butter & jelly sandwiches - no milk!
• SPAM® musubi
• ume
• day old POI
• rock salt plum
• rainbow shave ice
• tsubushi-an mochi

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Linky Winky:
Takeru winning the Hot Dog eating Contest

Internation Federation of Competetive Eating website
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Congratulations to JoAnn & Joseph on their wedding tomorrow! After 15 years and 3 kids...FINALLY! ^_^