gimme some chocolate!
2k2 February 28 - 11:59 PM HST
Gee - it looks as if my procrastination kicked in again. I'll be able to squeeze in the last entry of February 2002 after all.

The past few days have been a jumble of stress, work, lack of sleep, stress from work, mad food cravings and *heh heh* more stress. It is "find another job" season once again. I've had this job for almost 10 years. TEN YEARS! One third of my entire life. I can do the job without breaking a sweat but it's the intra-office politics that are getting to me. I feel too old to be playing silly mind games with adults. Additionally, I know I am underpaid and underappreciated. Damn.

Pictures from the party last saturday and whatnot will be posted in the next few days. We got a ton of snow on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa after all that incessant thunder and lightning tuesday night!

Where's Casper Woo?