Can I claim my car as a dependent?
2k2 March 8 - 12:46 AM HST
Procrastination is the sphere I must carry up Mauna Kea, trudging through rainforest and across lava fields wearing $2 rubber slippers from Long's.

I had big plans to work on some pictures for my diary but this week has literally flown by. I need this weekend to catch up on more than several chores before next week begins. Damn. Two days of leisure are now *kaput*!

It all started on tuesday. My Jeep broke down on the way to work. No warning signs like sputtering or odd acceleration or waning power. There I was, trotting along at 55mph and then *poof* I lost power steering. Mind you, this is a 3300 lb vehicle so I do need power steering. I managed to wheedle myself out of the line of traffic and keep from driving off the road and down into the puka next to the Hawaii Island Humane Society. *whew*

I thought I might've run out of gas - my gas guage has been broken for almost 10 years and can't be fixed unless I open up the tank (hah!). Feda had come to my rescue and we went to get some gas. Nope, nothing happened when the tank was refilled. So, I had Bessie towed back here and now she sits in the carport waiting for one of my mechanic Uncles to come and diagnose her disability. Damn. Hopefully, it'll be something minor like an alternator belt. It hasn't been a year since I had a rebuilt engine installed and I don't feel like spending my entire tax return on auto repairs again.

I should've taken Auto Shop in High school. Four years of Science, Music, English, Math and Social Studies and I can't even tune up my car. It's a damn shame.

Hmmm, I wonder if I'd be able to take a beginning Auto Shop class at HCC?