mmmm...smell that scented disinfectant
2k2 March 10 - 1:52 AM HST
[yawn] what a productive day! I slept in a bit, got up @ 10 o'clock to feed Chloe, then mulled over the short list of chores. Yep, I kicked the procrastination in the okole today. *wahoo* In the space of 90 minutes I cleaned the bathroom, scrubbed the shower, straightened the closet, emptied the trash and sorted laundry. That is more housework than I've done in months. Heloise? Hmm, not quite.

Feda and I did about 6 loads of laundry this afternoon whilst watching Dominick & Eugene . [9!]

Mumsy & R1 are coming over for dinner tomorrow night so I've got to do a bit more straightening up. Man, I swear I had the weekend off from work but it feels like I've been playing housekeeper for days...

I've started combing Ebay again for lovely things I don't need. My attempts to purchase a Monopoly gameboard cross stitch pattern have failed making it even more imperative that I add said chart to my collection. Apparently there are a few dozen other individuals who feel identically as they are willing to pay $10 more than I. [weirdos]