Oscar night
2k2 March 24 - 11:40 PM HST
Wow - I can't remember another more enjoyable and entertaining Oscar party than tonight's at Frossie & Tim's. Well, 'cept for one that I spent a dozen years back during Spring Break with friends, half drunk on Everclear punch, stuffed on pizza, buffalo wings and assorted artificially colored snacks. Yeah, that one was fun but I don't ask me to recall much of the ceremonies. But I digress! Tonight was filled with great food, fun conversation (fantasy scenario: Russell Crowe bumps into Sean Penn), and digital satellite feed - no commercials!! Hurrah for technology!

Frossie took our semi-official votes for each category and after all the festivities she and I ended up with the most correct. Hurray for women's intuition and good taste!

Feda is screening Training Day right now. Costco-Kona had it for $16.99. I almost broke down and bought the first season of Oz but my conscience kicked in and started chiding "pay your bills" in an annoying sing-song voice. Ick - I hate when that happens. So needless to say, I abstained from yet another addition to my DVD collection and decided to be adult-like and responsible. bleh!

Feda and I are extending our adult-like responsibility and brown-bagging it tomorrow. It's good though 'cause we've got red potato salad, veggie sticks & dip. Plus, we can make sandwiches. I figure that it'll save us roughly $80 a week if we bring home lunch to work. Hey, McDonald's really isn't cheap - those $1.99 mini meals start to add up after a week. And honestly, can you really resist some of those Happy Meal toys?

Yep, we are trying to be frugal in the hopes of being able to allow ourselves at least a DVD purchase or two a month after paying for rent, electricity, phone, insurance, etc. Initially I was thinking that we'd be able to save up for a summer trip to the mainland but that would really take some scrimping that I don't think I could manage for long. Damn, why did I move out of the house?!? Oh yeah, I forgot for a split-second - FREEDOM.