damned driver, I curse you
2k2 April 3 - 10:48 PM HST
Damn. On our drive home tonight the car in front of us hit a cat and didn't stop to render aid. Feda pulled over to the side of the road and I ran to see if I could rescue it. The poor thing lay bleeding and breathing laboriously while dozens of cars whizzed by at breakneck speed. I thought of going to the two houses on either side of the highway to see if the cat was theirs but all I could hear was dogs barking at us from the other side. The cat didn't have a collar or tags but it looked relatively well-fed. I had flashbacks of the times my cats were killed by heartless idiots speeding up the road. The second the cat stopped breathing I cursed that driver and hoped he/she would hit a tree and break a leg.

I need to call the Humane Society tomorrow morning so that they have the information in the event a little kid calls to see if someone found his/her kitty.