I vote for me!
2k2 April 8 - 10:49 PM HST
Tovah, go and check this out!

Egads - this is my initial result:

take the which one of the trading spaces cast are you? quiz!

However, I was very borderline on one question so I went back and changed that one answer and lookee here:

take the which one of the trading spaces cast are you? quiz!

Wow - fried chicken: paige (blech), apple pie: Amy Wynn. Go figure.

On a more pathetic note: Feda, yamato and I watched The Bachelor tonight. Yes, we've sunk to a new mental low. What's worse is that we actually provided running commentary on the sick and twisted program they call 'reality tv.' Yamato and I are in agreement that Mr. Alex I-Went-to Harvard is Jimmy Neutron's doppelganger while Feda thinks it's merely the like-sized forehead. I think we'll end up watching the final episode just so that we can bet who'll be Mrs. A. I-W-2 Harvard-to-be...

New ideas for "The Bachelor - Part Deux": The first weed-out 'ceremony' shall take place after the contestants spend a weekend renovating a home, ala "This Old House." This will show who's handy with the tools and just how hard-working everyone really is. Common-sense, basic math knowledge, physical dexterity will be necessary for this project, qualities necessary for managing a family. Forget all the champagne and candles - will formal wear and diamonds matter when you've got a leaky faucet in your 3rd floor bathroom? Will ballroom dancing help you when you've got a hanging cabinet door? Yes, this event will whittle the 24 down to 12.

The second elimination round will involve the dozen contestants in a culinary battle. Each will have an hour to concoct a meal using [Feda's suggestion] skate - the fish, not the toy. In the event that your local fishmonger is out of skate then porcupine quills [again, Feda's suggestion] will be the alternate ingredient. A panel comprised of top culinary personalities will be gathered to critique the meal on: creativity, soul, texture and appearance. The winning six contestants shall prove their food science talent. After all, suppose Mr. MBA dealt heavily with bad investments like N-ron and then you had to let your personal sous Chef go? Who'll warm up your macaroni & cheese? Who'll be there to fry up the bacon on sunday mornings? Ah yes, culinary handiness is a plus in these situations.

The remaining six contestants and Mr. Bachelor should live in the wilderness "Survivor"-style. Ship the group off to Pitcairn Island and let them fend for themselves for a few weeks with nothing else but a flashlight, First-Aid kit, bobby pins and some Elmer's glue. This situation would truly force them to show their true personalities. None of the preening and primping and gussying-up will make a difference on a deserted island. Real conversation and cooperation and interaction would take place. Reality. Talk about back-stabbing, plotting and maneuvering...I can totally picture someone like Rhonda planting booby traps in the forests.