chotto wakarimasu
2k2 April 14 - 11:15 PM HST
Wowie! Wanna see my diary in Japanese? Well, lookee here! The wonders of technology in action!

I just finished my sister's taxes. Man, I should charge her $50 just for the aggravation. Not that it was complicated or anything. I spent more time online downloading the tax forms than I did on the calculations. I suppose that there are a few people desperately searching for the proper tax forms tonight. Thank beejeebus for the Internet and thank those nice tax people for providing online forms!

Thanks to me R1 will get two nice shiny refund checks in a couple of weeks. I am such a wonderful sister, aren't I? Yes, and a terrific daughter to boot. My mom had previously volunteered to do R1's taxes but asked me on friday to take over. Yes, I do think a nice reward is in order. *hehehe* I ended up watching only a brief spot of The X-Files because of my accounting work. She'd better be grateful.

I won the much-wanted Monopoly gameboard cross stitch pattern off of Ebay on saturday! Yep, I am happy but somehow it was more exciting when I kept getting outbid. Ironically, I'd lost another auction for the same pattern on friday and I didn't think I'd actually win this one yet I lucked out and won it for less!

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UPDATE: let us hope that Casper's chubby kitty doesn't freak out on her new diet. Casper, have you ever seen Cat's Eye?