Happy Memorial Day
2k2 May 27 - 7:23 PM HST
I was surprised to check my stats and find that I had nine hits today. NINE! Well, it was even more interesting to note that all nine were due to searches for Vern Yip! My first thought was that they were posthumously done for tribute sites or something. *shudder* perish the thought! Then images of Vern rampaging through Ty's tent/shop enraged over one of Hilde's neverending construction projects emerged. [why does she need ANOTHER sheet metal recliner?!?] Yeah, that's probably why people wanna know who Vern is. Yeah, 'cause Vern kicks ass!

Alas, today is the final day of mini-vacation #1. I spent three days on Oahu last week visiting my cousin. She and I had grand plans to play tourist and visit numerous historical sites, zoos and aquariums. We made it to the USS Arizona Memorial on friday morning but missed the grand tour of the USS Missouri due to other problems. We shopped, took pictures, shopped and ate. In fact, my entire last day consisted of omiyage-shopping: Makiki Bake Shop for their scrumptious biscuits, Liliha bakery for their divine Cocoa Puffs and (of course) Zippy's for a dozen Apple Napples. Hey, pastries are important!