In Centipede Dreams
2k2 July 10 - 11:13 PM HST
We are under attack. Enemies of the centipedal empire are suceeding in their attempts to invade our kingdom! We humbly ask for assistance from all toads worldwide in defense of these horrible creatures.

Centipedes eat slugs - good! Centipedes eat roaches - good! Centipedes bite humans - bad, very bad!

In the past two weeks Feda and I've found three centipedes cruising around the house. Two of them were in our bedroom (one crawling from behind the pc...eep!) and one huge 6+" mutha buzzing towards the bedroom door. My sleep has been peppered with half-concious thoughts of centipedes crawling up on the ceiling and then falling onto my face while I lie paralyzed but awake. *shudder* Evil things!

I am tempted to keep a pair of aluminum BBQ tongs next to the bed as well as one of those easy-lighting BBQ torches. Hell, a 2x4 would make-do just as well.

We've had suggestions of raising a pack of attack toads or training some chicken sentries to combat these scary things. Anyone have other ideas?

Special invitation to Casper Woo: come on over and take out your aggressions!