*wha-pah* that's the sound of the man workin' on the chain ga-ee-yang
2k2 July 19 - 2:38 AM HST
Plans for my day off:
1. Organize closets & dresser
2. Unpack & organize books
3. Clean guestroom/sewing room
4. Research daytrips for California vacation
5. Genealogy research
6. Laundry

What I did on my day off:
1. Laundry - well, of the large pile in the closet
2. Downloaded some mp3s to provide background entertainment, ambiance, for chores [dugga da duh duh duh duh, dugga da duh duh duh duh...Ca-li-forn-yah, knows how ta par-ty...] oops, sidetracked again!
3. Vacuumed bedroom & living room - a result of said online research [do I shed _that_ much hair?!?]
4. Updated my DVD list

Yes, much of my day off was spent in front of this infernal contraption. Typical.

While perusing our DVD library I noticed that my collection leans more toward the 80s-testosterone, blow-em-up-and-speed-away-in-a-souped-up-car films. In fact,The Rock was my first DVD purchase! I suppose that I'd add more diversity to the bunch if more of my favorites were released in the format but that would also require more moola. Damned rent!

I also have to confess that I sat through an entire episode of General Hospital today. *sigh* I know, I know. [hangs head in shame] But Carly is acting so idiotic! And what about pseudo-hitman/thug Jason losing his wits when she tells him that she needs a "friend?!?" Don't even get me started with Ned and his silly situation. Those GH writers need a kick in the ass, swiftly. Even I could start a plotline that would be more engaging. Pshaw!