all for me!
2k2 Aug 17 - 12:53 AM HST
I sit here thirty-one years & three days old whist my fabulous mate Feda combs my hair. *sigh* What a life!

My birthday came and went like the crack of a whip. It was just that fast. My day of dvd leisure was jam-packed with Season 3 of Sex and the City, a gift from said fabulous boyfriend. I got through half of the episodes before he returned home from work bearing a candle-laden ice cream cake for me - all for me! [side note: I share my birthday with my older sister and grandfather so my name always came last on the cake: "...& Shelly"] This cake was definitely the high point of my special day! I am a lucky chickadee, yes indeedy.

Steph gave birth to baby Sage last night! She's a Leo, too - yahoo! Congratulations & welcome to the world, Sage!