Attack of the kung fu drumsticks (or, I fly to LA tomorrow!)
2k2 August 23 - 9:50 PM HST
It's friday night, a smattering before 10 o'clock and a day left before Feda and I set forth upon our journey to California.

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!

*deep breath* I've yet to pack a single item of clothing. I haven't cracked open that Lonely Planet travel book about California I purchased two months ago. I haven't vacuumed or swiffered or windexed this house and our landlord is coming for inspection next week! *blood drains from my cranium* Whoa, gotta slow down. Make a list, yeah, that's what all those organized executive people do. A list.

1. clean. clean entire house.

2. tidy. tidy stacks of magazines, books and brochures next to bed so that Mrs. Landlord imagines self as voracious reader.

3. dust. dust said soon-to-be tidy stacks so that said landlord thinks stacks are new stacks of voracious reading material.

4. hide. hide screen door with 3x2 foot Bunny opening from landlord.

Yep, I think that's a good list.

By this time tomorrow night I'll be on my way to LA. *cross my fingers, shake ti leaf, toss salt* Mark my words: if any fool tries something stupid on that flight, I'll be featured on CNN as "that chick who attacked with her mini-bottle of spray gel and lethal size 10 wedge heels." I wonder if drumsticks are on the FAA's list?

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