just fucking say no
2k2 October 22 - 1:52 AM HST
Today is one of the worst days of my entire life. Possibly only surpassed by the day my father died, the days my grandfathers died, the day I found the lump in my breast and the day my dog Pepper died.

I returned home from work earlier tonight to find it violated, vandalized, burglarized. When Feda and I got home we discovered that our entire DVD collection was gone and so was all my jewelry. PANIC! ANGER! FRUSTRATION! ANGER! ANGER!

To make matters worse, I'm 99.999% certain it's due to the actions of my cousin Reed. He is a felon on probation after being locked up for theft, burglary and fraud...all drug related crimes. This pathetic excuse for a human being ceased to be my cousin when he started using drugs two years ago. He chose drugs over family, friends and self-respect. He CHOSE drugs. The Officer who came to our home tonight empathized and attributed Reed's (lack of) decision-making skills and ethics to the drugs, "it's the Ice, not your cousin." I don't care. He wasn't born in poverty or into some war-riddled country. He didn't have to decide to use drugs to make life bearable. He didn't have to choose drugs to 'make ends meet.' Hell, he even had choices when he got out on probation earlier this summer. The family was positively supportive and tried to help him transition his way back into society. He could've chosen to go to college or chosen to find a job. Instead he CHOSE to be lazy and bored and started smoking Ice.

No ifs, ands or buts, I hope HPD finds his sorry ass and hauls him off of this island. I hope I run into him driving around the mall or down on Beach Run and I hope my cell phone is fully charged then. I hope that his stupid, spineless, druggie girlfriend Sharah Fay trips up and gets caught too. I hope that I never have to see him again unless it's to testify against him in court or at his parole hearings. I hope that I will never have to feel this violated and disrespected and angry. I hope that he gets his bachi good and soon.

With all this crap that's going on in this world all I should have to worry about is whether the FBI get involved with that DC-Maryland Sniper case or whether President Bush will invade Iraq anytime soon. Nope, the only crime I will have to contend with right now is due to my cousin's drug-addled thinking. And all my hopes are that he gets sent back to OCCC where he belongs.