Prescription: Ice Cream
2k2 November 2 - 10:09 PM HST
Feda and I did our patriotic duty and voted via absentee ballot this afternoon. Proudly, I may add, because this was the sole reason for us driving in the 15 miles on our first day of leisure.

The burglary remains a thorn in my paw, to put it mildly. The Police involvement was in itself an ordeal and almost two weeks later I am still having to research proof that I purchased my jewelry/electronics from X/Y/Z on A/B/C. Me, the victim, having to provide proof that I had these items when those cursed thieves are still running around! Talk about incensed...I went through five years of pictures to look for proof that I had a few items. Damned Insurance Claims agents!

The good thing is that my cousin is being held until his trial. The awfully ridiculous thing is that his girlfriend/accomplice is running around free and the driver/chauffeur is running around free as well. "Not enough evidence" is the excuse.

In the meantime I will try to keep breathing deeply and think of happy, calm things [cuddly puppies, blue skies, vanilla Coke floats] whenever I remember that I'm still missing 80 DVDs and all my jewelry. I will try to keep hope in bachi and hope that they'll get theirs good...and soon. I will try to keep a positive outlook on the Legal system and bite my tongue when contacting the Police. I will try to remember that Christmas will be here in 53 days. I will hope that my Holidays won't be forever marred by this unfortunate twist in my life and that something positive will burst forth from all this crap.

Yay, I don't have to work tomorrow! Where's that Ben & Jerry's Waffle Cone Ice Cream at?