45 days 'til Christmas!
2k2 November 10 - 8:02 PM HST
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Good grief!

I was lucky enough to watch a few episodes of Trading Spaces -- 'They Hated It' special last night. Damn, those participants who claim to be "open to anything" certainly shouldn't be upset when they discover their rooms aren't quite what they expected. Tsk, tsk, tsk! I personally would request (and pray for) Vern but definitely wouldn't be disappointed in the least if I drew Doug who seems to end up with almost as much criticism as Hilda... I noticed that two of the couples who were most disappointed with the results were from Washington state. The couple from Puyallup who initially claimed to be "open to anything" ended up being visibly upset at first sight of their wonderfully tranformed living room, the wife sobbing her way off camera... Pshaw, theatrics!