nooney, nooney, nooney
2k2 November 26 - 7:27 PM HST
All I wanted to do this weekend was sell a bunch of jewelry to make some money so that I can buy my sweetie something nice for Christmas. Something like those mini RC cars that every electronics store seems to have sold by the thousands. All I ended up doing this weekend was work while fending off this damned cold. Damned germs, begone!

I did feel a whole lot better when I found this little tidbit about CSI: Miami. Megan Donner has been written off... Perhaps my psychic abilities have been enhanced due to my decreased sense of smell!

[wave to MadamSarcasm]

Yeah, she's not on anything. Why, she's the picture of health! *pbbbbbt* Someone please, for the love of all that is good in our super-size value meal country - give this woman an extra helping of turkey, stuffing and gravy! And a piece of pumpkin pie! With some extra creamy Cool Whip on top and a side of Dreyer's Vanilla Bean ice cream!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!