you want what wrapped with a bow?
2k2 November 29 - 8:05 PM HST
Well, black friday came and went. What happened to all those shopping-crazed customers? I woke up at 4am for this?!? It was pitiful...pi-ti-full. I am a little embarassed, even, to have looked forward to this rainstorm of cash that strangely travelled a block north towards the evil Mart of the Wal. Was there something else besides the two blackouts this morning that screwed up the time-shopping continuum here in Hilo? Damned HELCO and their lack of proper equipment - you ruined Black Friday 2002! *pbbbt*

Thank heavens for sweet, caffeinated Coke! It sustained my good humor and relatively intelligent conversation with the occasional person who strolled into my workplace to wait for a fellow shopper.

Tomorrow: wake up at 5am for more shopping fun at 7 o'clock.

Ho'omaikai & many Congratulations to Ali & Dan on their engagement! Woohoo!