big hands = Hulk *smash*
2k3 March 1 - 2:03 AM HST
*ahem ahem*
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my diary-ring buttons! Not one, but two fantastic buttons that you can proudly sport on your diary provided, of course, that you join my diary rings.

A hundred million thanks to Feda for his tireless effort at making my diary more eye-pleasing! He is so ta-len-ted!

At work this afternoon I was entering order information into our POS (ie "Piece of Sh~te") system and came across an order for a bracelet in a size 10.5. For those of you unfamiliar to custom Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry, the bracelets are made to the client's hand size, the circumference measured in inches. This doesn't mean that the bracelet will be the size of the client's fist. No, in fact, this means that the measurement of this woman's hand (with her thumb tucked in) is TEN-and-a-HALF-INCHES! *gulp* I've ordered bracelets for men-dressing-as-women that were a good two inches smaller. Damn! After a moment of consideration, I decided that I'm going to be really nice to her if I have to assist her with the order pick-up. I don't think my medical insurance will cover a clobbering from this WHOA-man.