A dash of Pepper
2k3 March 3 - 3:16 AM HST
I'm freezing my ass off and it's only 63F. There's a light rain falling right now and I'm hoping that it'll remain for a while because rain makes me sleepy. Damn. The cloud travelled away before I finished typing that hope.

Wait. The rains have returned! =)

Yes, it's 3 in the AM and I am looking for things to read on the internet. I culled the non-existent diaries from my webrings as well as those locked diaries. *pffft* That took all of ten minutes. If I didn't feel so old I'd go back and check out DALnet IRC.

I had a chance to watch Knockaround Guys a few days ago and was quite impressed with Barry Pepper. It wasn't the usual action-filled drama with Swiss-cheese story. It was more a coming-of-age film along the lines of The Outsiders. With a Mob twist. I am pleased to see Barry Pepper in a good film. Did I ever mention that I met Barry Pepper?.