Happy Hina Matsuri!
2k3 March 3 - 7:20 PM HST
Happy Hina Matsuri!

In today's celebration of all things 'Girl,' Feda gave me a Baby Cinnamon doll (I mistakenly thought it was a white rabbit) and a few choice paper goods to add to my correspondence supply. They should come in handy if I wasn't such a lazy penpal.

I joined the "Bunnies" diaryring saturday night in honor of my pal Chloe. I had intended to add the ring code as soon as I could fix the alignment of my other buttons/icons but then I received a rather curt message in my guestbook that reads "Add the bunnies diaryring code or you shall be deleted. Thak you." I didn't care to be commanded by the Bunnies' ring nazi and moreover, didn't want to be thakked so I immediately deleted it from my profile. There wasn't any specific timeframe stated in which I was supposed to have added the ring code to my diary but already I'm being served with notice of a thakking!!

Thakking must be some kind of new form of torture in the UK, I surmise. Her name is Maleficus afterall.