Twenty Gs = twenty thousand kicks in the ass
2k3april15 - 7:49 PM HST
Twenty thousand dollars. That's how much it cost to outfit our company with six Dell computers and a server. Twenty thousand dollars. The pcs didn't come with monitors or printers or even those little tinny speaker systems. We don't have touch screen monitors or credit card readers integrated into the keyboards nor do we have receipt printers. Twenty thousand dollars. The server isn't even in the terabytes! Twenty thousand dollars. Damn, how stupid.

Today was tiring. After sitting through a speech about changing the look of the store to change the look of the company (ie. spackle & spray paint to "freshen things up") I was told that Administration just paid twenty thousand dollars for the new computers. They suggested doing small projects with a budget of $50-100. They want us to spray paint our jewelry display trays to "freshen them up and make them look new." I couldn't bite my tongue and had to say something - "You can get a comparable eMachine at Costco for $700!" The VP of Production said that if we spent $1000 on each computer "that would be $1000 less we could spend on gold stock."

What the fudge? Oh yeah, Twenty thousand dollars.

Did I mention how my last "raise" two years ago was for 15? Yeah, and that's because the store manager "pleaded my case."

Conclusion: Men are stupid shoppers. *cough* Men.