Men on bikes, women in prison
2k3 April 30 - 1:15 AM HST
Kelley Marie Ferguson is in Federal custody because she missed her boyfriend. Oh yeah, she just happened to handwrite two notes that threatened death to American passengers if Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas were to dock in an American port. This resulted in the search of the ship by over a hundred Federal and State law enforcement officers. All because she missed her boyfriend and didn't want to be on this family vacation. Hello - doesn't she watch CSI? Her prints were probably all over those notes. Egads - I can see this story being purchased for a National Lampoon Vacation sequel.

In other news I am now completely irritated by Roni Deutch - 'just twenny doll-ors.' Shut up! It's quite grating to have to sit through her repetitive 'twenny doll-ors' gimmick every 5 minutes during American Chopper.

Merrie Monarch Festival week 2003 came and went like *that*. We had a busy weekend at work meeting and greeting visitors from neighbor islands and other countries and eating all these wonderful treats that pop up during the festival. The plaza craft fair featured ono Kiawe BBQ Taro chips from The Hawaiian Chip Company and practically sinful Banana Lumpia - Filipino banana fritters!