Ahi wela e Keanu!
2k3 May 13 - 10:34 PM HST
Feda and I are taking Bon Dance class at the Hilo Hongwanji every tuesday night. Tonight was class #2. I tried my best to follow as closely as possible to prevent myself from looking like a jackass. Quite a difficult thing to do in a gym filled with dozens of 70+-year old women who've been dancing to this music since they were in single digits. Nevertheless, it was both entertaining and great exercise. I hope that by the end of the two months Feda and I'll be able to participate in the Obon dances and just groove along.

We have plans to see a sneak preview of The Matrix: Reloaded tomorrow night at 10 o'clock. Thankfully I'll be at work until nine. I just have to walk on over to the other side of the mall and meet Feda who'll have been staking a place in line all evening. Woohoo, Keanu!