I love a bender...oh yeah, and Futurama too...
2k3 May 25 - 10:03 PM HST
I'm listening to Cruel to be kind right now - the original Nick Lowe version - and it fits the mood. Feda is getting himself inebriated on beer and rum & cokes. Normally I would just let him just finish watching Adult Swim and fall asleep on the couch but I'm worried that he'll need to regurgitate tonight's Beef Stroganoff dinner all over the couch. I have visions of waking up tomorrow morning to find him stuck in a mass of gelatinous, half-digested beef and egg noodle mess and me having to rescue him from that life experience. Well, I don't want him to wake up covered in that mess and besides, have to work tomorrow so it isn't going to happen.

I'm off to hunt for some Advil and stomach-friendly snacks for scarlet-faced Feda. Pictures to be posted at a later date.

great Zildjian!! where did I put those cymbals?