jeepers creepers...why'd you stop in the middle of nowhere and expect nothing bad to happen to you?
2k3 June 23 - 6:47 PM HST
Feda and I went to see Wrong Turn with my cousin Leigh this afternoon. Yes, I actually paid money to see it but considering that the Kress Cinemas charged us only $0.50 each for tickets I would say that it was worth every penny. My only comment is that it should have been titled "Stupid Decisions" instead. Jeepers Creepers should've been titled Wrong Turn but that's a whole other bad-enough-to-enjoy-it movie discussion.

I will make it a point to never go camping or back-packing or rock-climbing or white-water-rafting in West Virginia.

Feda - "it's a shame that ice users think it's worth the price as well"
Me - "that's why first cousins shouldn't procreate with each other"