eBay bids and big-ass bitch
2k3 September 2 - 10:47 PM HST
I'm alive! Jimena ended up being a poser and we only had to bear the brunt of heavy showers and miserable humidity: typical weather here in Paradise Park.

Today was a good day, mostly. I sold my first eBay item! I actually sold it yesterday but I got paid for the item today. Oddly, it was more exciting to see that I got a bid on the item than to see it sold. So, much Mahalos to Ikaikasmom0 for being so Clifford the Big Dog-crazy!

We had individual meetings today with the Palpatine to discuss general store issues and generate ideas for marketing and sales. I had the weekend to prepare for the meeting and it was spent cleaning, dusting and reorganizing much of the showcases and floorspace. Oh, did I fail to mention that I had to work the entirety of this 3-day weekend? No managers on duty, people, only a key-holder. So I'm dead tired after my housekeeping stint and lack of sleep from Jimena's visit but decided late last night that I would construct an outline that I would present during my meeting. I could just list things off the top of my head but I thought that a little effort could emphasize my ideas. Yeah, I told you I'm a procrastinator but I had an excuse this time. Anyway, it resulted in an outline of at least a dozen key points and ideas that I wanted to discuss. The actual meeting went well. I contributed much to the discussion and mentioned more than several of my ideas. Palpatine had good feedback and took his copy of My List for future reference. From what my coworkers mentioned they also had good discussions.

Shortly before Palpatine left for the airport we were in the office chatting when I noticed that Jabba had the copy of My List on his desk. I noticed that he was trying to covertly read it while attempting to remove a link from his friend's watch. WTF? My List wasn't meant for his eyes. What was Jabba doing with it? He tried to hide it but then another friend came in to see him and he had to leave the office. I took that copy of My List back. That bastard was trying to steal my ideas!! What an uncreative, unimaginative, unscrupulous bitch.