please, please tell me now!
2k3 September 10 - 12:03 AM HST
I can't believe that I ever thought that Animotion was cool. "Obsession" was a cute song but that lateral ponytail look was not classy. But who am I to judge when I thought the British glam-rock would be the rage in Hilo?

I once wore my Duran Duran inspired outfit - dress shirt w/skinny black tie under a grey sweater and grey cords - in 8th grade and kids just thought I was dressing like a nerd. WTF? Simon LeBon wore one of those skinny black ties tucked into his shirt in the "Is There Something I Should Know?" video!! Didn't my classmates read Bop? At least I didn't do the "Planet Earth" look with the pirate shirt and leather pants. Is there something I didn't know?

A couple of girls I knew dressed up as Vanity 6 and lip-synched to "Sex Shooter" in our 7th grade talent show. Dressed up meant lace teddies and garters. IN THE 7th GRADE. Yeah, and I was a nerd.