Cinnamon toasties!
2k3 September 18 - 6:12 PM HST
*munch munch* Feda just made me a stack of cinnamon toasties! ^_^

I had a crap day. Well, it started out that way and then peaked into a good day then petered back down to crap again. I had my hopes for a $11K diamond sale built up during a lunchtime presentation by some guy named Ivan. He never returned before I ended my shift. Bastard-O! He has three days left before his marriage license expires so hopefully he'll get his butt back to the store tomorrow and bring some ca$h. *cross my fingers* *sprinkle the ala'e*

But now I am enjoying my cinnamon toasties and all is good. *sigh*

I have my eyes on the Nokia 3650 for our grande France excursion next month. Partly I need to replace my 3360 but mostly I want it to prove that I'm on foreign soil. Yeah, I could get a digital camera but that opens up a whole other bag of toys. Needs versus wants, I know...

So Tovah is going through all that Hurricane Isabel drama. It seems to be a flashback to our Jimena experience except that she IS getting severe storm weather. We just got slightly more rain. Damn.