Forget your Carnival cruise, ma'am. You're booked on a Star Wars tour!
2k4 March 23 - 10:11 PM HST
Add another three inches of rain to the tally since last night's entry! It's another breezy and rainy night in Paradise Park, perfect for playing Animal Crossing or reading a book. At least it's not snowing like up on Mauna Kea where the current temperature is 28.8F and the windchill a hair shy of 15F. Chilly, indeed!

Chloe will be permitted to sleep indoors again tonight. Not only because I like to indulge the furry little twerp but moreso because the entire deck is soaked from the rain. Her cardboard castle is now a pitiful perch that will probably collapse from her two-pound body if she ran inside it for shelter. This lucky bunny will have the run of the living room again tonight. This reminds me to add more protection around my bookcase. Feda discovered that my copy of New Guinea Tapeworms & Jewish Grandmothers was chewed on. Not an odd find when you've got a rabbit indoors but strange because it was atop a sidetable next to the sofa. She was lounging on the sofa all night long!

Has anyone seen "Airline?" Where do they find employees with so much patience and a high threshhold for verbal abuse? I wouldn't last one day as a ticket agent. Those ten unlucky travellers would've gotten seats on a connecting flight to Orlando but they'd be stuck smack dab in the center seat surrounded by a dozen Violet candy-eating Wookies who haven't bathed with soap in three days. It's fortunate for the airline industry that I am not in the airline industry. ^_^