Veruca Salt
2k4 April 30 - 10:56 AM HST
The GIA Diamond Grading Seminar went well. It was two hours of lecture and almost an hour of lab time. I was able to grade four diamonds: a 2.07ct I2/J round, a 1.51ct I2/F round, a 1.35ct VVS2/K modified Marquise that was absolutely beautiful and a 0.39ct VS1/S Round. The class was both challenging and reaffirming. I learned a lot of technical and practical information but I also realized that I have more skills than I thought. Yay for me!

I stayed home today because of the flu that is threatening my weekend off from work. I have fever & chills and am suffering from a bad case of irritability. I need the ceiling fan and floor fan on to make for an appropriate room climate but the whirr-ing sound is getting on my nerves. Additionally, those little Mynah birds and Cardinals are tweet-tweeting their way to Hades right outside my bedroom window.

I need a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, NOW!

I shall rest for a while and then commence with some light reading or perhaps an hour of Animal Crossing.

Rent Big Fish!

Note to Casper: I haven't the faintest clue about Shooter's or Cronies (aka Hilo Hooter's) for that matter. I'm not much into clubs here that the uji people like to frequent. ick.
Have you developed a taste for Spam Musubi?