Pink Explosion & Dance class
2k4 May 12 - 12:12 AM HST
Feda was convinced to attend another Bon Dance class with me earlier tonight. We have about a month to get skills before the official start of Bon Dance season here. There were elderly ladies in the class tonight who barely broke a sweat! Meanwhile, I'm cavorting around like a graceful geisha -- IN MY MIND -- then I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the glass doors and am embarassed to be so sweaty and westernized. gomen kudasai!

I know Feda had fun but he won't admit it unless I wave a colorful new $20 bill in his face. Well, actually money or a Subway 6" BMT on Parmesan-Oregano bread with mustard, lettuce, tomato, olive and onions. He is picky, isn't he?

I took this photo of Feda and his brother Veda in Kamuela during Cherry Blossom season a few years ago. Coincidentally, Feda is carrying the above-mentioned BMT!
Kynan & Ryan - Church Row, Kamuela