I am not steak. You just can't order me.
2k4 July 29 - 12:23 AM HST
Sparkless Day #4

Things are going well in Paradise Park despite Feda's absence. I initially wanted to watch Training Day tonight after work but after only a few minutes of watching dirty Denzel I had to switch to Working Girl. Which made me thankful that I didn't have to work in the late 80s with all that wedge-shoulder-padded-suit fashion. I am also very thankful that I have to watch my back around only one scheming bitch. I can't imagine what office politics would be like with more than one.

Speaking of bitches, Jabba told me to dress down on friday because "we need to clean the store up" before saturday's arrival of the CEO and possible investors. I just spent two days dusting and reorganizing last week when the production boss was visiting! ALL BY MYSELF! No one else felt it necessary to help out even though they know full well how nitpicky the production boss is. Additionally, he previously was the store manager so he looks for specific things.

Nope. My big Asian ass will be helping all the customers come friday. My business card doesn't read "housekeeper" nor does it state that I'm required to do more than light maintenence duties in my job description. *grumble grumble*

I have the day off from work tomorrow! I can sleep in past nine o'clock! Woohoo, I'm only obligated to myself tomorrow! Well, after I give Chloe her lettuce & carrot breakfast, anyway.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a nice air-conditioned movie day at the Kress theater where I can watch a movie for 50....yes, $0.50. Plus, hot dogs are $1!