2k4 August 3 - 12:07 AM HST
Sparkless days #6, 7, 8 & 9:

More work this weekend, not enough play. The weather here was quite chaotic - blindingly sunny & hot one minute, rainy & hot the next. Tonight we are under a flash flood watch advisory - it's the beginning of August and we have blustery fall weather... *grumble grumble* At least it's not muggy tonight!

Feda is having a blast in Los Angeles with his brother. They have plans to visit the Natural History Museum tomorrow as well as the California Science Center where they can see Bodyworlds!

To quote my friend Karena, "I am so J"

Tomorrow, I will be touring an anthropological site known as Prince Kuhio Plaza where I'll be able to view some plastinated bodies on benches and in junior-wear stores like PacSun and American Eagle. Interesting!