Dr. Shelly? Hell, no.
2k4 August 4 - 12:51 PM HST
I had a whole morning to do nothing but relax and what did I do? I cleaned. *head hung low* Yes, I vacuumed...and did a load of laundry. Crap.

There currently must be an unusual alignment of the planets and other assorted celestial bodies up there because more than several people I know are experiencing such chaos with their significant others. Each one has both the same and yet slightly different situation that has brought about a questioning of their relationship. Things have either happened or are happening that are obvious signs of disrespect and deceit and these friends are blind to them. Past occurrences of cheating have not been dealt with and ignored because they are trying to just forget it and move on. These friends grumble to me about current arguments and I find myself repeating advice over and over. Some of these friends have children who are witnessing this verbal and psychological abuse that comes in the form of "joking around" and "teasing."

How much of this abuse, disrespect and lying are they willing to take? How much do they value themselves and their children? Any suggestions for how I can drop the black & white truth in their laps hoping it'll be the impetus for them to break out of that cycle of crap?