you are in front of a stone wall. there is a river to the north, a path leads to the south. A troll appears from the east.
2k4 August 6 - 12:42 AM HST
Sparkless Day #12:

Things are calm here tonight. The weather has been rather calm and cool...just like Chloe.

Work went well today. I relayed my information about that coworker to Palpatine this afternoon and he will look into the matter and take any necessary action. I've passed it on! *smile*

So now I'm sitting here trying to figure out a way to make myself mentally tired. Spider Solitaire isn't working. Neither is Minesweeper. Perhaps I will visit a few links from a not-so-distant past.

Zyll! - from when I had an inkling to get back into my first pc game

What's that tune? - when I was trying to find the music from that Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial

Lockergnome - 1997...when I was trying to learn enough to impress Feda

Damn, I'm getting tired already. When did the net cease to be so appealing that I couldn't tear myself away for even wonderful sleep? My guess is 1998.