out to lunch - be back in nine days
2k4 August 6 - 11:27 PM HST
Sparkless Day #13:

It's's the's the beginning of my va-ca-tion!

I don't have to report back to work until monday the 16th. I DON'T HAVE TO WORK AGAIN UNTIL THE 16TH! *jumps up & down on bed* I am on va-ca-tion! Va-ca-tion! Va-ca-tion!

But then, why am I here and not in LA with Feda??! He's over there going to Dodger games and Universal Studios and museums and posh coffee shops. I'm here sitting at home watching DVDs and working. How unfair. Oh right, I'm a responsible adult. Drat.

Still, I have to relish the thought of nine days of freeeee-dom! Also being relished is the return of Feda - two more days!