Thank You, Pookerton!
2k4 September 19 - 7:09 PM HST
A few thoughts while I wait for Kynan* to finish creating his Spaghetti:

Spotted on a white sporty import driven by a young Asian female was a windshield decal that read "Pimpcious." Precious minus the 'pre' but adding the 'pimp?' Umm, I don't get it. Maybe it's because I'm not a member of the "NtenCT car club - Girly Girl Division."

A Gecko dancing "the Robot" is freaking hilarious. But also dangerous when consuming milk-dunked Oreos.

Oprah needs to fulfill my dream of hooking up Dwayne "Dog" Chapman with the Fab This guy needs to lose the mullet, learn to moisturize and switch to lightweight linen shirts. (no, the net tank top doesn't fall under classification of a garment) And please give Beth a do-over also - her patriotism is a little scary! They're doing a great service to the community but Auwe!

Dinner's ready - bye!

*Feda would like me to use his real name Kynan instead of the pseudonym. He got irritated and a little nuha a while back. Sheesh.