broken splines
2k4 September 30 - 10:54 PM HST
My mother departed for Japan early this morning. I am still here in Paradise Park. I am so J!

Rainy weather has returned to the Big Isle and not a moment too soon. The roads here in Paradise Park aren't paved - except for the major crossroads - and it was getting to the point where driving out in the morning to work was reminiscent of Crocodile Dundee zooming around the Australian Outback: a lot of red dust clouds.

I've just realized that I can't type for beans on a laptop.

It's Aloha Friday tomorrow! No work 'til monday and all that doot-doot-dee-doot crap. Kynan and I will probably end up doing house chores and being responsible-like adults instead of spending money on DVDs and candy. It sucks when your car's torque converter breaks, doesn't it?

Speaking of sucky cars, Kynan and I spotted another "Pimpcious" vehicle this morning. This one was a silver Mazda 3 driven by a bottle-blond Pinay. I wonder if she knows about the recall on her Pimpcious car? Too bad she was talking on her cell when we saw her or we could've hollered "change your airbags!" when we passed. When would an opportunity to yell that catchphrase ever happen again?

Dumb question of the day:
If my ring only goes to the first knuckle of my boyfriend's finger, what size does he wear?