Saved! Man on film: the way of the pun
2k4 October 20 - 10:19 PM HST
No thunder and lightning tonight, dear readers. Perhaps I'll be able to get a full night's sleep instead of being startled awake by the sound of 2.8 billion decibels of bass from above.

It's nine days 'til Halloween and I still haven't worked on a costume! I've got a few ideas but they either require a weekend of sewing and/or a wad of cash. I suppose I'll have to apply for a loan at Terror-torial Savings Bank if I really want to be Maleficent this year...

Kynan and I have that monthly pass membership at Blockbuster so we've been renting-DVD fiends for the past two weeks:

Man on Fire
Super Size Me
Party Monster
Rhapsody in August
The Son
The Prince & Me
Hideous Kinky
Way of the Gun

When are Benicio Del Toro and Brad Pitt going to work on a film together? Kynan has a theory that the consequences of them coming into contact with each other are so great that Sam Weir opening up another portal to Hell would be considered a happy accident by comparison. Oh wait - Snatch!