short on wisdom, big on pain?
2k4 October 27 - 9:46 PM HST
Dental horrors abound! I had an 8 o'clock appointment this morning at Uncle Bob's to fix a crown which instead became a temporary fix and a standing appointment for an extraction of my wisdom tooth. *$^A#!

The wisdom tooth is apparently "full grown" and doesn't pose any problems except that it hasn't erupted out of the gums. Perhaps that's because it's perfectly content as is? My Uncle repeated his previous advisement about future corrective work on the crown in front of said wisdom tooth if it isn't extracted: more pain and more money. Shoot, apparently I've spent the last three years in dental bliss...or ignorance. Ok, I just gotta buckle down and do the responsible adult thing. Damn these preventative dental procedures!

Thankfully, the earliest appointment is in early December. Barring any cancellations on earlier appointments I have a little over a month to prepare myself for this most unwanted procedure. ^&%*$!! I just pray that it happens after Thanksgiving...or this will likely be a sad Holiday season.

In other non-dental news: I started my Christmas shopping last week when I realized that there are only two months left. Specifically, there are only 59 days left! I'm attempting to be more original this year instead of going the DVD/CD route with family and friends. Perhaps I should peruse the Casper Woo store before making my list.