Leland Chapman, part deux
2k5 February 8 - 12:28 AM HST
Another Leland Chapman sighting in the mall! The buzz this afternoon was all about Dwayne "Dog" Chapman and crew who apparently stopped by our lovely shopping center to search out a fugitive. Carol, the mall manager, went to investigate the midday crowd in front of Hot Topic. I don't doubt that she reminded the crew of the "no picture taking" policy that would be enforced by the two Public Safety officers on duty. bah! Damned parking Nazis aren't allowed physical contact with targeted visitors (ie pickpockets and thieves) but are instructed to use harsh vocal instructions instead. I pictured a minor fracas starting when Dog's nephew Justin confronts a fugitive eating his plate lunch: "put the Spam Musubi down!!" No such luck though - the bounty hunters were gone a half-hour later. Coworker J and I smiled as they went past our store hoping they'd suddenly be in a Valentine's gift-shopping mood. I know Beth wanted to go shopping for some new gold bangles but Dog must've cut her line. Actually, we only wanted Leland to come in and browse.

Note to self: bring the digicam to work everyday!