Genitalia-free Fridays!
2k1 July 20 - 9:53 am HST

Genitalia-free Fridays!

I dreamt of Jason Scott Lee in his glorious nakedness, dripping wet from a shower and smelling all fresh and soapy-like. Weird though, 'cause despite his lack of clothing there was no genitalia to see. It was as if he were a Ken doll!

Feda and I are meeting for lunch - hopefully some good Thai curry. I love these off days when we can meet for an hour and lunch and chat before heading back off to work (in his case) thinking that it'll only be a few hours before we see each other again.

"Cats & Dogs" is our friday night activity with "AI" or "Jurassic Park III" as alternatives. I am in a mood for some delightful entertainment - oh, crap, scratch "AI" off that list then.

Wonderful weekend of work ahead - 20 scheduled hours of fun, fun, fun!

Monday has never looked so gorgeous...