OR 2
2k1 Aug 24 - 10:28 AM HST

It's Aloha Friday - no work 'til monday
da-doop-dee-doo, da-doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doo-dee-doo...

In actuality, today marks the last day of vacation for this slug and I return to work tomorrow. 2 weeks of freedom gone - *whoosh* - just like that. Crud. I wonder if Feda can rig up his famous Presto Quantum Infindibulator and give me another week of leisure.

Alas, I will be working my arse off this weekend and hope that the non-weekend-workers out there will make the most of their precious freetime. Yeah, like you're gonna do anything that'll require more effort than pressing the buttons on your tv remote. *pbbbt*

Egads - I haven't finished my Oregon tales!

Day three of the Oregon experience was marked with our first Greyhound bus ride. The trip out of Corvallis was emotionally and physically trying, almost reminiscent of the Westward expansion with caravans of horse-driven vehicles. Yeah, almost that bad. The bus was an hour late arriving into Corvallis, the A/C didn't work and I was forced to sit in the sun-exposed side of the bus, where the temperature was in the low 80s at 8am! This wouldn't have been too unbearable if I had taken Dramamine to quell my motion-sensitive stomach but I couldn't find anyone who sold such high-tech pharmaceuticals in Corvallis so my only alternative was to try to force myself to sleep during the ride. Needless to say, I wasn't a happy camper by the time we arrived in Portland.

Feda and I caught the downtown Tri-met bus to OMSI - the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. We roamed the halls and looked through dozens of interactive exhibits ranging from "Jurassic Park" robotics, Spiderman stereo sound & 3D vision, Axolotyls (marine salamanders with feathery gills), to Dr. Seuss science. Also at OMSI: we took in a show of "Wild California" at the OMNIMAX domed theatre and toured the USS Blueback, a prototype teardrop-shaped diesel-powered submarine that was featured in "The Hunt for Red October."

The bus ride back down to Corvallis was many times more pleasant than the initial trip - fully-functioning A/C!! The yummy burger and icy Coke we had for lunch at the OMSI Cafe also did wonders to my mood. Oh yeah, give me an incy Coke on a sweltering 90F Portland day and I am sweet as a clam...or is that happy as a lamb?


We had an excellent meal at China Delight in Corvallis, owned by Peter Leung. The waiter started chatting with us once he found out we were from Hawaii after I'd remarked that my best friend Karen Leung's family has a restaurant in Hilo and that they'd immigrated in the late 60s. He said that the owners of China Delight were from Michigan. What a coincidence - my mom went to U-Mich @ Ann Arbor! hehehe...

egads - tummy is growling and Special K w/berries is lookin' real good... Not quite Pukka Tukka but it'll do for now.