Quincy, M.P.
2k1 Aug 25 - 11:21 PM HST
My first day back to work went splendidly smooth and rather quickly. We gathered for a short meeting with an Investment rep about the new 401(k) plan the company is finally going to start next month. Egads - retirement plans! Wow - starting the plan now at age 30 I'm losing out on five prime earning years - theoretically missing out on $500K that I could've easily accumulated....damn.

I wonder if those McDonald's Happy Meal Teeny Beany Babies would be considered a legitimate contribution to the fund?

My evening is pretty much over but I think I have time to squeeze in some quality reading before snoozing.

Feda went home to Waikoloa this morning - *sniff* - loneliness is creeping up on me...


This is my dog Quincy - a dingleberry mutt who came to our home a few years back when my Great Dane Pepper was in her last days. He is an affectionate goofball who doesn't realize he is a full-grown dog and can't quite fit on my lap anymore. Such a stud, he spends his days running outside with his gal-pals Lola and Pups.