Skin sooooo soft!
2k1 October 14 - 10:45 PM HST
Feda and I are about to end another house-sitting stint, only a few hours to go before I am forced to smuggle him back into my home. Poor 'ting...we are both counting the days until we can move into our house.

Our house. That sounds and looks weird. All my life I've considered my Iwalani street house my home because that's where my family lives. Even when I lived in Colorado "home" was always back in Hawaii.

It'll be nice to be independent once again and in a quiet (?) home to boot! Now if we can do something about those pesky Cocqui frogs!

Egads - the KITV news is reporting an Anthrax scare on Oahu this morning. A family that moved from Florida opened a box that contained a white powdery substance that the HazMat team has not identified yet. There apparently have been dozens of frantic calls to '911' about unidentified white powders that turned out to be baking soda, baking powder, garlic powder and vanilla pudding mix.

This is too weird. I read a fictional book about a malevolent scientist's modern version of the Deadly plagues earlier this year that was quite intriguing. The Eleventh Plague by John S. Marr, MD & John Baldwin - hey, I wanted to be Quincy when I was a kid - go figure. Anyhoos, the recent local incidences of Dengue fever and now Anthrax are a little too real. Logic tells me that this kinda stuff is lurking around in the environment, opportunist bacteria, but somehow the timing is a little too coincidental.

I wonder what news tomorrow morning will bring. I cross my fingers that we won't hear the term "hantavirus" anytime soon...let's hope there was a sudden influx of owls and hawks out there in the Southwest this summer.

*mental note to buy some King mosquito punks and big citronella plants*

Here's hoping your part of the world is mosquito-less tonight!

A hui hou!