Where we're going you won't need eyes...
2k2 January 24 - 9:45 PM HST
Like Casper Woo, there's NOTHING going on in my life right now. Well, nothing that's particularly interesting or curious.

Tonight's Movie Night was at Simon's; a showing of "The Cube." Nope, not Ice Cube or Gleaming the Cube, which incidentally was a pretty good Christian Slater flick, or even Qbert. This was "THE Cube" -- a Sci-Fi slash Thriller slash Mystery slash Suspense movie reminiscent of "Event Horizon." My vote: 7.

Grand plans for this weekend are to get up to the summit of Mauna Kea to play in the SNOW. Yeppers - SNOW! Snow in Hawaii - glorious, cool snow - woohoo!! Snowball fights! Oh yeah, and we have to go and move some furniture for Feda's Dad on saturday 'cause he's letting us borrow his truck to get up to the summit. What a nice guy! We are in for some physical labor - hoooah! Also, we hope to be able to drag his parents out to Kona for a nice steak dinner as a belated birthday gift for his Dad. Plus - yep, there's more - Feda and I are going to my company Christmas dinner at Queen's Court restaurant on sunday night. A schmor-gass-bord (I know, it's spelled smorgasbord) of seafood and Hawaiian food!

LOTR's Gimli: "malt beerrrr -- meat rrrright off the bone!"

Feda is wearing a clay mask right now - what a sight!

Greetings and a fond Aloha to my cousin Leigh up on Oahu who's studying her butt off at UH-Manoa. [I don't dare call it a "shout-out" 'cause I'm not from that era.] I just hope she's well stocked on Coke and chips.

Enjoy your weekend 'all - go and see Black Hawk Down!!