bobbledy gook, gobbledy poop
2k2 April 16 - 10:39 PM HST
Remember how I was reminiscing about that old Kung Fu movie a while back? I FOUND IT! I came across a DVD titled Legends of Kung Fu at Suncoast yesterday. This collection of ten movies contains one called Legend of the Eight Samurai starring Sonny Chiba. I am 99.999% sure this is the one! Here is the plot summary from the case: Princess Hiroku Yoshimaru's famil is wiped out, along with her bodyguards. All that stands between the Princess and certain death is an inexperienced young samurai (Sonny Chiba). Chiba must battle an octet of phantom warriors, a witch, and a killer centipede! I haven't confirmed it yet but isn't it a weird Woo-ish coinkydink?

Well, nixnay on the payday from igbay istersay for doing her axestay eterdayyay. She's planning a trip to Vegas this summer with her friends and wants to save up her moola. damn. I wanna go too!

My lovely evening was spent eating cheesy hamburger macaroni stuff and watching Andy Richter's new show. Funny stuff and Jon Cryer guest-starred! *sigh* Productivity kicked in and I decided to organize my craft thingies. I almost got to the point of alphabetizing my x-stitch charts but then laziness kicked in and I opted to sit there and watch Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Philips in all their dreaminess.

Feda came home from movienight! All is well again - my sweetie is right here.