I HEART Vern Yip!
2k2 April 25 - 5:59 PM HST
I had big constructive, productive even, plans for my day off from work. Topping off the list was the construction of a pillow/bed for my dogs Pups & Harriet. Also on the list was a couple of errands involving my driving over to the mall. Big plans! I arrive at my mom's home this morning with the hopes of reading the paper and eating breakfast while watching some cable tv (yes, we are deprived out here @ HPP until the damned cable company decides to wire up our half of the subdivision). I'm not there for five minutes and the phone rings -- it's work. ARGH! Can we shout it in unison, everybody? *ARGH!!* alrighty.

I received a total of five calls today from work. Does it say 'manager' anywhere on my paystub? No. Then why in the freaking hell can't the actual manager figure out what/where things are/go? The cherry topping was the phrase "enjoy your day off, Shelly" repeated to me five times. Yeah, I'll remember that.

I did finish Harriet's pillow. I used three huge bags of batting to stuff it and it still didn't look quite properly stuffed. I'll have to run over to the craft store tomorrow morning and purchase more. Sheesh, dogs can be expensive!

I was inspired by today's episode of "Trading Spaces" in Austin, TX -- the one where they decorate Natalie Maines' bedroom ala Vern Yip.

The inspiration comes from the Dragonfly pillows and floral room divider he constructed. I'd like to add color to the rooms in this house but we are prohibited from painting the walls because it's a rental. Bummer. Today's episode gave me a couple of ideas for adding some zing and brightness to these beige-ish walls.

Does anyone want to provide me with a grant of $1k? C'mon, it'll be an interesting experiment!